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Industrial Hygiene Software for Occupational Health and Safety Leaders

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Promote a Safe and Healthy Workplace Environment Through an Integrated, Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Platform

Conducting risk assessments, ensuring that compliance and regulatory requirements are met, and identification of effective hazard control measures are all critical for protecting employees’ health and safety. To effectively measure industrial hygiene-related risk levels, organisations must have a means of measuring risk and identifying the right evaluation methods & controls.

Benchmark Gensuite’s Industrial Hygiene Application is built on best-practice-driven workflows and a cutting-edge cloud technology platform to digitally enable IH management for a safer and healthier workplace. With our Industrial Hygiene app, you can establish a standardised process to conduct thorough risk assessments, identify appropriate controls, and compare against Occupational/Permissible Exposure Limits (OEL/PEL). You can also notify key stakeholders and employees of the area or personal assessment status and results, track monitoring record requirements and frequency for additional reviews, and have real-time reporting for more comprehensive program management.

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Conduct Industrial Hygiene Risk Assessments and Log, Communicate, and Analyse IH Monitoring Results

Establish a standardised process for Industrial Hygiene exposure assessments across all site operations
Document qualitative Industrial Hygiene demographic surveys with exposure/control information; prioritise follow-up and monitoring
Track and analyse Industrial Hygiene exposure assessments, monitoring summaries, and leverage automated occupational/personal exposure limits
Schedule re-monitoring tasks with Compliance Calendar and search/access monitoring records by GPS coordinates using Mapper

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Minimise Hazardous Exposures to Protect Your Employees with Benchmark's Industrial Hygiene Software

Industrial hygienists and occupational health & safety leaders are responsible for ensuring safe handling of the chemical and pharmaceutical agents that are present on-site, understand the risks associated with them, and determine what controls are required and most effective to protect their employees. With Benchmark’s Industrial Hygiene software solution, you can rest assured that your team is equipped with a complete set of digital tools to effectively identify hazards and mitigate operational risks.
“The product evolution is profound and intuitive. There is not a single application that has not been thoughtfully designed, developed and tested—all accompanied by detailed support and training materials.”
– Ken Ross, VP of EHS

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