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Benchmark Gensuite supports organisations large and small—from Fortune 500 to your regional and community businesses—in a variety of industries and sectors. Our over two decades of experience delivering and enhancing digital EHS, Sustainability, Quality, and Operational Risk programs can be seen through our flexible solutions and unified approach to mitigating industry-specific risks.​

Aerospace & Aviation

Comprehensive digital EHS&S solutions to manage aviation fleet in the air & on the ground.


Meet customer and compliance demands within this fast-paced industry while ensuring product quality.


Simplify and streamline hazard communication, SDS management, and employee training requirements.

College & Education

Deliver comprehensive and customisable education and training programs and streamline compliance.

Construction & Engineering

Reduce safety incidents and associated risks and costs while ensuring employees are trained.

Consumer Goods

Improve product quality and customer satisfaction while meeting compliance requirements.

Energy & Renewables

Ensure compliance and meet sustainability and environmental goals while maintaining smooth operations.

Environmental & Consulting Services

Manage talent, implement employee training, and create an effective health & safety program.

Facility Management

Address challenges around document management, change management, and safety programs.

Food & Beverage

Meet industry standards, regulations, and certifications with solutions for processors, retailers, packagers, and more

Government & Private Sector

Manage the challenges of overseeing public organisations such as hospitals, parks, and transportation.

Logistics & Distribution

Remain competitive and achieve compliance with ease with digital safety, auditing, and quality applications.


Manage change, product lifecycle, and the safety of employees across the globe using a single, consolidated platform.

Mining & Metals

Maintain skilled workers and complex operational chains in an intensive industry like mining.

Oil & Gas

Manage downstream operations, maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce risks across the organisation.


Meet certifications such as ISO 9001 (quality management) & ISO 14001 (environmental management).

Pharma & Healthcare

Manage the growing complexities of the pharma and healthcare sectors with a diverse range of EHSQ solutions.

Tailored Configurations for Every Industry to Take Your Solutions to The Next Level

Supporting Subscribers in Our Top Industry Sectors


  • Engage your entire workforce
  • Automated escalations & reporting
  • Flexible organisation site structure


  • Dynamic incident management
  • Analytics and machine learning
  • Enable your digital approval workflow


  • Monitor compliance
  • Share success with stakeholders
  • Predict and prevent

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