Genny Your Dedicated AI Virtual Assistant Software

Assist and Simplify Your Digital Solution Actions​


Simplify Your EHS, Sustainability, and ESG Reporting Solution Interactions with an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant​

Genny brings together virtual assistant and artificial intelligence features to Benchmark Gensuite users on both mobile and desktop to simplify interactions and help you quickly access the information you need to get your job done. It is the first-ever enterprise compliance and management system that understands and speaks to you!​

Ask Genny a variety of questions types or prompt commands—“Where can I find the SDS for this chemical? View my to-do list. How do I use the MOC tool? View recent incidents reported at my site.”—and Genny, your Benchmark Gensuite expert, can get what you need quickly via tap, type, or speak!

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Why Use Genny the Virtual Assistant? ​

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Assist with Job Tasks:

Get personalized content and guidance based on your roles and responsibilities.​

Engage Employees:

Use conversational interactions to engage teams and promote the use of Genny on-site or in the office. ​

Enable Easy Access:

Access Genny across your Benchmark Gensuite applications in a simple, consistent interface.​

Simplify Interactions:

Find information and resources quickly and without advanced training using intuitive commands.​

Rely on Service From Anywhere:

Interact with Genny and the Benchmark Gensuite applications whenever and wherever you want—from your desk, in the field, during an audit, or in a meeting—with desktop and mobile functionality.​

Learn how you can easily tap into Genny’s expertise and helpful actions, powered by AI, with a click of a button!​

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Tap, Type, or Speak to Interact with Genny​

Interactions with Made Easy—Choose How You Engage Your Virtual Assistant​

Tap to Interact with Genny​

From a touch screen device, tap on the Genny icon for quick exchanges and save your most frequently used interactions to a favorites list. ​

Type to Chat with Genny​

Start a chat with Genny by typing your prompts in a chat box and receive a written response.​

Speak to Converse with Genny​

Using your device’s microphone, easily ask Genny a question, give a command, or log actions. ​

Take Advantage of the 80+ Actions Genny Can Perform Across Multiple Applications

Show site incident briefings​

View to-do action lists​

Log a safety concern report​

Search frequently asked questions​

Display approved chemicals​

And so much more!​

Take Genny to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Genny interacts seamlessly with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.
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Benchmark Gensuite Mobile

Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.

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IoT & Wearables​

Integrate wearables and IoT tech & devices with the Benchmark Gensuite platform for environmental & safety monitoring.​

360º Vision​

Trigger real-time collision or accident notifications and automatically log events​

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Enhance Your Programs: Use your solutions on the go with Mobile and simplify your access with Genny®, your dedicated virtual assistant.​

Streamline Processes: Seamlessly integrate, transform, & publish data across your organization.​

Boost Efficiencies: Tie in IoT & wearable devices for advanced environmental and safety monitoring.​

Magnify Impact: Uncover deeper key operational insights with AI-powered solutions.​