Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Software​

Manager worker care and mitigate injuries and illnesses from hazardous exposures​

Managing employee health requires cross-functional collaboration across medical, health & safety, human resources, security, and risk management teams—and efficiency is key to success. With an integrated solution for occupational health and industrial hygiene, organisations can effectively manage employee health and industrial hygiene activities to successfully promote a safer and healthier workplace.

Benchmark Gensuite’s occupational health and industrial hygiene software helps organisations track and manage employee care programs and mitigate workplace injuries and illnesses. With comprehensive and integrated risk assessments and monitoring of workplace exposures—including hazardous substances, infectious disease, air quality, and more—and employee care, organisations can improve follow-up, manage engineering controls, and increase visibility to concerns and trends.

Our Integrated Suite of Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Tools

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Med Care

Simplify medical clinic recordkeeping, collaboration, treatment, and follow-up on worker care for on-site medical clinics and OHS teams.​

Industrial Hygiene Software

Industrial Hygiene​

Track and analyse Industrial Hygiene (IH) exposure assessments and monitoring summaries and leverage automated occupational/personal exposure limit.​

Yellow Incident Management Software Icon

Incident Management​

Record all incidents of relevance by type and with customisable details, enable follow-up and root cause analysis and report & analyse metrics (KPIs) and performance trends.​

Ergo Facilitator​

Standardise ergonomic assessments and projects with office and industrial settings using corrective action tracking.​

PPE Manager​

Facilitate pandemic and operations-critical PPE tracking and inventory management with an ongoing, digitised list of available PPE.​

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Manage all employee trainings for occupational health-related regulatory requirements and communication.​

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Pandemic Response​

Record and track employee, contractor, and visitor pandemic exposures including contact, testing, and return to work and notify leaders for follow-up actions and status updates​

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Standardize Employee Occupational Health Data

Integrate case management with injury & illness data, standardise clinic management with dynamic, customisable forms, and streamline assessments for industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and more

Increase Visibility to Worker Care​

Manage employee clinic visits using scheduling and automatic email reminders and share with leadership team using robust reporting with actionable insights​

Holistic Employee Health Management

Track, monitor, and analyse employee health and industrial hygiene exposures to reduce absences and illnesses and prevent overall industrial hygiene risks​

Mitigate Health & Safety Risks

Complete corrective actions, perform root cause analysis, and manage employee health training to minimise worker compensation claims and improve employee health​

See What Our Subscribers are Saying

“I cannot tell you just how happy I am to have this awesome software. Employee Safety and Health is a crucial department in any company and with this software, you can identify injury trends that can assist you in making the right steps to cease, or at the very least, decrease the possibility of another similar injury. It has been amazing to see the progress we have made in just a little over a year. Before Benchmark Gensuite, we had no way of determining the areas or issues that were resulting in injuries. And this is just one small aspect of the platform. I have found that for anything I am interested in tracking, Benchmark Gensuite has an application that will do just that. It offers your organisation accountability and has made my work life so much more efficient because it manages my responsibilities, taking a huge load off my mind. I’m so excited to be a part of this program and would tell anyone who is looking for a means of managing, not only Employee Safety and Health but any other area, to look no further, BENCHMARK GENSUITE IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!!
Karen W. | EHS Software Administrator

Features of our Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Tools

Integrate with Occupational Health & Safety, Medical, and worker’s compensation teams for case tracking and program visibility
Dynamic, customisable clinic forms ensure each site has a digital system set-up for business specific needs
Enable cross-functional engagement (Legal, Human Resources, Operations, etc.) in support of Occupational Health & Safety and Medical
Robust reporting, charting, & insights to reduce injury severity and case rates, including OSHA Injury & Illness reports, UK RIDDOR, etc.
Perform root cause analysis of injury and illness incidents to mitigate future occurrences
Confidential tracking and discrete user access controls for HIPPA & GDPR compliance
Establish a standardised process for industrial hygiene exposure assessments across all site operations
Document qualitative industrial hygiene demographic surveys with exposure/control information; prioritise follow-up and monitoring
Conduct mobile assessments for industrial hygiene factors, such as hazardous substances, indoor air quality, noise, infectious disease, and more
Conduct ergonomics assessments for office and industrial health settings
Employee training & learning and development
Manage PPE inventory and restocking requests by individual sites
Extensions for pandemic risk management modules

Take Your Program to the Next Level with IoT and AI Integrations

Revolutionise your Occupational Health, Ergonomics, & Industrial Hygiene program with the help of advanced IoT & Ergonomics technology from our partners. Leverage leading-edge solutions to foster safer operations & worksites through unparalleled connectivity & visibility!​

Heat Stress Prevention Wearable Tech​

Real-time alerting capabilities specific to heat stress and overexertion supported by Benchmark Gensuite’s award-winning automated data management and reporting​

Ergonomics-Focused Wearable Tech​

Ensure a protected & productive workforce with real-time, constant monitoring of ergonomic risks integrated into Benchmark Gensuite’s robust data management and analytics platform​

Ergonomics AI Assessment 360º Vision Tech​

Leverage the power of sentinel AI technology to monitor on-site safety conditions in real-time and safeguard workers’ ergonomic health through Benchmark Gensuite’s 360 Vision AI integrations into workflow applications​

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