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Corrective action software to build accountability and improve communications ​

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Simplify Corrective Action Processes for Workplace Optimisation​

To ensure a safe, secure work environment, site leaders need to identify and address issues and corrective actions generated from routine audits, inspections, facility walk-throughs, and incident investigations in a timely manner. But with manual processes and tools, it’s hard to know whether all the necessary data has been captured—or whether critical action items are being missed.​

Action Tracking System (ATS) provides real-time visibility and capabilities needed to effectively manage and drive closure of actions related to audit compliance, incident management, change management, quality management, responsible sourcing, and security management activities.​

No matter where corrective actions originate across your functional teams and Benchmark Gensuite solutions, all roads lead to ATS. Easily manage corrective and preventative actions and audit findings, drive overall assignment ownership and accountability, and seamlessly track closure due dates, corrective actions, and comments from start to finish—all in a single centralised platform. With automatic email notification alerts, you can be certain crucial items and data won’t be overlooked and ensure complete and timely follow-through.

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Why Action Tracking System for Your Action Obligation Management Program? ​

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Gain Transparency into Tasks:

Manage action item responsibility assignments and completion tracking.​

Automate Communications:

Communicate action item details via automated/scheduled email notifications.​

Engage Team Members:

Empower and unify teams with mobile, batch upload, and multilingual capabilities.​

Trend Data for Insights:

Mine compliance status data and easily identify systemic issues with advanced charting and reporting.​

Integrate Seamlessly:

Connect with the Action Obligation Management and Incident Management suite for end-to-end management of concerns, incident investigation, and corrective action assignments.​

Learn how you can establish corrective actions to boost efficiency, drive accountability, and minimise risks.​

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Features & Benefits​

Engage Teams and Ensure Timely Action with ATS Corrective Action Software​

Simplify Corrective Action Processes​

Ensure obligation completion with comprehensive management of corrective action items, audit findings, assignment responsibility, and closure due dates.​

Create a Safe and Sustainable Workplace​

Increase workplace safety and sustainability by analysing corrective action trends and identifying systemic issues. ​

Create Complete Transparency​

Seamlessly integrate with other Benchmark Gensuite applications to gain the visibility and control needed to see corrective action items to closure on time.​

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Corrective Action Tracking Software solution seamlessly integrates with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximise your impact.

Executive AI Advisor™​

Automatically identify potentially serious incidents (PSIs) to provide clear, actionable insights for incident risk reduction. ​

Describe-It AI Advisor™​

Receive real-time guidance when inputting incident descriptions to improve data quality.​

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U Connect​

Unparalleled real-time collaboration & connectivity at your fingertips to efficiently unify your workforce.​

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Create Ownership & Accountability: Easily assign corrective actions and send automatic email notifications of responsibilities.​

Rely on an Institutional Memory of Tasks: Quickly identify completed regulatory & organisational assignments.​

Drive Corrective Actions to Closure: Log and define corrective actions and set due dates.​

Data Mine to Trend for Issues: Advanced charting and reporting to make an impact.​

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