Action Obligation Management Software

Simplify corrective action processes and establish comprehensive task management

Managing corrective actions, assignment of responsibilities, and completions across your entire team, as well as multiple ongoing tasks driven by regulations, site operations, and business programs, is a time-consuming, cumbersome process. Without the right tools, organisations find many obligations fall through the cracks, leading to tracking inconsistencies or omissions, missed deadlines, and the inability to spot trends in systematic issues that may cause safety or regulatory concerns.

Create a culture of safety and responsibility by effectively managing corrective actions, tracking ongoing business responsibilities, and establishing an institutional memory of mandatory regulatory tasks with Benchmark Gensuite’s action obligation management software. Centralise all corrective actions across multiple program areas to drive accountability and ownership, easily communicate tasks, set reminders for future obligations, and track items to closure.

Our Integrated Suite of Action Obligation Management Tools

Purple Action Tracking Icon

Action Tracking System

Manage corrective action plans, responsibility assignments, notifications, and escalations with real-time status/closure tracking, trending, and data mining

Green Transparent Icon for Compliance Calandar

Compliance Calendar

Manage & track compliance action items with ease; maintain visibility on progress toward your initiatives; and ensure future obligations are met.

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Create Ownership and Accountability

Easily assign corrective action or ongoing site tasks to responsible team members and send automated email notifications and escalations for upcoming and past due items

Rely On an Institutional Memory of Completed Tasks

Quickly identify completed regulatory and organisational assignments and leverage a task library to standardise business-defined activities applicable across the organisation

Drive Corrective Actions to Closure

Log and define corrective actions, manage assignments, set due dates, communicate responsibilities, and record subsequent preventative action investigation details, root cause, and efficacy information

Data Mine to Trend for Systematic Issues

Advanced charting and reporting mean you can data mine the compliance status of action items to identify bigger, more systematic issues—to see if program changes are making an impact

See What Our Subscribers are Saying

“What our team likes most about Benchmark Gensuite is that it is one simple tool to manage all EHS and compliance needs, eliminating the use of multiple Excel spreadsheets. Everything is connected, which makes managing tasks so much easier—for example, you can easily export concerns into Action Tracking System for corrective action tracking.”

Mary B. | Global EHS Director

Features of Our Action Obligation Management Tools

Assign and manage action items through to closure
Quickly determine team member responsibility and view the status of action items to prevent overdue action items
View trends for systematic problems, performance, and completion status using advanced charting and reporting
Auto-generate email notifications to indicate the status of action items—including upcoming, closed, and past due tasks—at the responsible person, site, and business level
Assign and manage calendar tasks to track organisational obligations, including sub-tasks with separate owners and due dates

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