Risk Prevention & Safety Engagement Software

Streamline & enhance your safety program to keep employees safe

Employee safety is paramount and the responsibility of everyone across the enterprise, from the C-Suite to the frontlines. Tracking, mitigating, and communicating risks & hazards throughout business operations, however, is a formidable task even with a dedicated team; and antiquated systems only slow down workflows even further— or, worse, let critical information slip through the cracks and endanger workers.

Ensure the health & safety of your workforce and ongoing success of your operational safety program with the Benchmark Gensuite® Risk Prevention & Safety Engagement digital solution suite. Leverage intuitive at-a-glance dashboards and unparalleled channels of clear communications to keep employees & contractors informed at every stage and every site. Perform important assessments in a timely manner and obtain complete visibility over every detail— from equipment to possible hazards to work permits— at your operational sites.

Our Integrated Suite of Risk Prevention & Safety Engagement Tools

Purple Transparent Ergo Facilitator Icon

Ergo Facilitator

Standardise ergonomic assessments for your office and industrial settings and track corrective action plans with this award-winning risk management software solution.

Industrial Hygiene Software

Industrial Hygiene

Enable digital IH risk assessments, management, and comparisons with Occupational/Permissible Exposure Limits (OEL/PEL) for a safer & healthier workplace.

Lockout Tagout Software


Digitise your LOTO procedures and gain real-time visibility into in-progress LOTO activities to help keep team members informed and safe while on the worksite.

Benchmark's Permit to Work Software

Permit to Work

Establish a standardised request approval process for permit-required work to ensure your safety management system consistently meets client and contractor requirements.

PPE tracking software

PPE Manager

Our PPE Manager risk management software facilitates pandemic and operations-critical PPE tracking and inventory management with an ongoing, digitised list of available PPE.

Purple Transparent Safety Matrix Icon

Safety Matrix

Prioritise the development of safety assessments for job activities with Benchmark Gensuite's matrix ranking system that includes risk, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics assessments.


Safety Observations

Our Safety Observations software solution enables site teams to proactively identify, document, and address unsafe actions and ensure compliance via customised risk categories and site observation forms.

Benchmark's Permit to Work Software

Safety Risk Assessment

Develop and maintain a searchable repository of job-based risk assessments with Benchmark Gensuite safety incident management software.

Integrated Advanced Tech & AI​

Access leading-edge solutions with no version upgrade required, ever​

Embedded Mobile & Analytics​

Mobile App standard – with pre-built Insights & Dashboards​

Dedicated Customer Support​

Signature domain expertise & service – delivered globally from 10 countries​

Purpose-Built to Maximize Your Benefits

Join Our Over 3 Million Users Who Trust Our Audit & Inspection Management Software

Purpose-Built to Maximise Your Benefits

Join Our Over 3 Million Users Who Trust Our Risk Management & Safety Engagement Software

Holistic Risk Mitigation

Assess, prioritise, track, manage, and address risks across the enterprise on a single, unified & integrated platform

Streamlined Engagement

Keep your entire workforce engaged— consistently— by keeping everyone informed through unparalleled connectivity and communication

Accurate & Accessible Data​

Ensure and continuously improve worksite safety with user-friendly repositories of the most up-to-date data from job risk-related reports, observations, and assessments​

Customised Safety Workflows​

Develop customised procedures for all worksite safety needs: risk categories, work permitting, equipment lockout tagout, personal protection equipment inventories, and much more​

See What Our Subscribers are Saying

“I cannot tell you just how happy I am to have this awesome software. Employee Safety and Health is a crucial department in any company. It offers your company organisation and accountability. It has made my work life so much more efficient because [Benchmark Gensuite] manages my responsibilities. That takes a huge load off my mind. I am also responsibility for PPE, Permit, and Wastewater System Management. All these responsibilities are also managed through [Benchmark Gensuite]. Once you [get the information into the system], you can have peace of mind that all is well. The email generated reminders are so very helpful in assisting you when tasks are due that have been assigned to a specific person; email reminders will generate when closure of a task is due, when documents or reports are due and even notifies the appropriate person(s) when a task is complete and or past due. I’m so excited to be a part of this program and would tell anyone who is looking for a means of managing, not only Employee Safety and Health, but any other area: to look no further, [BENCHMARK GENSUITE] IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!!”

Karen W. | EHS Software Administrator

Features of Our Risk Management & Safety Engagement Tools

Mitigate industrial worksite risks to worker health & safety with instantaneous access to Occupational/Permissible Exposure Limits (OEL/PEL)
Create & maintain PPE inventories that update in real-time to ensure onsite workers have the proper protective equipment
Proactively address potential job work hazards by enabling your team to rank & prioritise safety assessments of job activities
Leverage the digital signature feature to expedite review, approval, and signoffs for work permit workflows
Empower your workforce with the ability to identify & log unsafe actions in the field with robust offline capabilities on Mobile; and upload once internet connectivity is available again
Take your LOTO procedure development and workflows to the next level with easy-to-scan QR codes

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