Management of Change Software

Confidently manage processes, compliance, and risks from operational & organisational change

Operational and organisational changes are a frequent occurrence in business today. Whether it’s a new strategy, goal, or technology shifting your team’s focus, change can be a healthy process that propels companies forward, driving efficiency, boosting productivity, and even reducing overall costs. However, change can also come with potential hazards for team members without a comprehensive management approach.

Benchmark Gensuite’s Management of Change (MOC) software helps operational and functional teams identify and manage potential risks and compliance requirements associated with changes to products, operations, equipment, and people. Simplify your MOC program by standardising change control processes with your teams for the identification, evaluation, and communication of changes—with the flexibility to complete essential tasks and send real-time follow-up notifications from anywhere.

Our Integrated Suite of Management of Change Tools

MOC Manager

Initiate approvals for change requests, such as process or equipment changes, to ensure a comprehensive review of all compliance requirements.

Lockout Tagout Software

Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

Standardise a process for equipment-specific LOTO authoring & review, track LOTO authorised personnel and in-progress LOTOs with integrated mobile access.

Purple Action Tracking Icon

Action Tracking System

Manage task-based action plans, responsibility assignment, notifications, and escalations with real-time status/closure tracking, trending, and data mining.

Equipment Manager Icon Purple

Equipment Tracker

Manage lists of equipment and track specific details including location, part numbers, and SOPs.

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Uncover Potential Risks

Identify, track, and document potential change management risks and impact on operations, equipment, and personnel

Standardise Impact Assessments

Create a standard process for teams to initiate and review impact assessments prior to sign-off

Implement Change Control Processes

Accelerate the execution of recommended integrated change control processes & improve compliance with EHS regulatory requirements

Keep Teams Informed

Communicate changes and responsibilities to team members prior to project execution

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“Change management is an important process that requires much due diligence to ensure the change is managed well from many perspectives. Benchmark Gensuite MOC Manager has many excellent features that can help an organisation meet their change management goals.”

EHS Manager

Features of Our Management of Change Tools

Flexible and self-configurable platform for identifying, tracking, and documenting potential risks associated with changes in operations, equipment, and personnel
Custom screening, evaluation, approval, and change validation phases, action item tracking, and optional training modules
Standardised change request process stages for engaging reviewers and change committees to assess change, recommend controls, and validate prior to operation signoff
Optional integration with pre-startup safety reviews (PSSR) and other similar process safety requirements (e.g., OSHA Process Safety Management [PSM], EU Seveso Directive)
Documentation of “Replacement in Kind” determinations for which formal MOC evaluations are not required
Seamless integration with Benchmark Gensuite applications including Risk Assessment, Industrial Hygiene, LOTO, Chemical Management, and more

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