Contractor Manager Software

Centralised project and contractor management software for safety and performance improvements​


Manage Contractor Activities Across Worksites with Real-Time Visibility and Control​

Keeping track of contractors, multisite projects, and employee records, qualifications, and safety performance metrics gets complicated fast with outdated tools like spreadsheets. For maximum assurance, you need the ability to conduct prequalification assessments and review worksite statuses in real time.​

Contractor Manager enables EHS leaders to confidently monitor and track contractor data across multiple worksites and projects in one centralised platform. Standardise your contractor firm qualification process company wide, view and analyse safety performance, log field observations, and assign action items in real time to proactively mitigate risk—making worksite management smooth and seamless. Detailed reports that can be searched, viewed, and sorted by site-related metrics, from specific contractor firms to hours worked, ensure your data is as complete as possible.

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Why Contractor Manager for Your Contractor Management Program? ​

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Standardise Qualifications:

Quickly enter, look up, assess, and track contractor firms using a shared company-wide repository.​

Ensure Compliance:

Log training and certification records for contractor employees.​

View Real-Time Metrics:

Monitor, track, and review key safety performance data, important site-related metrics, and business analytics​.

Mitigate Risks:

Use behavior-based safety and field observations to capture contractor-related safety issues and hazards with a focused selection of at-risk acts and conditions.​

Communicate Seamlessly:

Follow action items by contractor firm and assign responsibilities with instant email notifications.

Learn how you can maintain the highest quality and safety standards to reduce enterprise risks with contractor management software.

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Features & Benefits​

Work Confidently and Efficiently With Your Contractors From Start to Finish​

Ensure Proper Contractor Oversight​

Accurate, timely, and transparent data ensures the flexibility and power you need to manage contractors and their activities.​

Standardise Contract Qualifications​

Conduct pre-qualification assessments electronically and set reminders for re-qualifications deadlines.​

Enhance Contractor Safety Performance​

Gather insights through contractor inspections and field observations—focused on at-risk acts and conditions—to mitigate safety risks and incidents.​

Our Contractor Management solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximise your impact.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

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Benchmark Gensuite Mobile​

Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.​

Genny® ​

Tap, type, or speak to our dedicated virtual assistant for simplified support, user access, and an enhanced user experience.​

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U Connect​

Unparalleled real-time collaboration & connectivity at your fingertips to efficiently unify your workforce.​

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Centralize Contractor Database: Manage qualified contractors and assign tasks by firm.​

Improve Safety at Work: Track behavior-based safety observations for injury prevention programs.​

Meet Training Requirements: Record training and integrate with on-site security for badges.​

Monitor Trends: Gain visibility into contractor and employee incident trends with reporting dashboards.​

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