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Form Building Software for ESG & Operational Leaders

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Build Custom Forms with Ease and Capture the Right Data to Advance Your Goals

Capturing data for inspections or program initiatives in a way that’s unique to your organization shouldn’t be difficult or time intensive. With the right solution, you can easily create checklists, work orders, and more—tailored to your operational needs and goals—while staying up-to-date on assignments and due dates.

The Forms solution from Benchmark ESG offers the tools and flexibility you need to build and design business-specific forms and drive timely action. You can schedule reoccurring tasks for each of your forms or use them on an as-needed basis, assigning tasks, inspections, and due dates to designated team members.

You’ll also be able to track closure of assignments, link forms to equipment managed within the Benchmark ESG platform, and enable forms to download for offline use—allowing you to streamline and manage data collection for all your operational programs and initiatives with ease.

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Empower Teams with Best-in-Class Form Builder Software from Benchmark ESG®

Create business-specific forms using a variety of format options
Increase efficiency by scheduling reoccurring form tasks and assigning to your team members
Quickly identify form trends and assignment completion status with data mining
Communicate form assignments and due dates via auto-generated email notifications
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Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach ESG success.

Customize and Optimize Data Collection Across Your Organization

Build audit, inspection, or program-specific forms to meet the data collection needs unique to your organization. By defining form fields and assigning tasks on your frequency, your teams have the freedom to capture data on their own terms.

You can easily write, customize, and deploy many different types of surveys, quality control quizzes, questionnaires, and the like for your business. Easily monitor if benchmarks are being met by assigning tasks to individuals or teams.

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See Our Forms Builder Software in Action

Discover the flexible solution for building company-specific forms—ready to use, assign, and track on any frequency—empowering teams to record the program data you need.

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