Benchmark ESG® Safety Compliance Software

Streamline and enhance your safety program to keep employees safe

The Benchmark Risk + Compliance solution platform can help you operationalize the foundation of your ESG program—so you can minimize risk, enhance safety programs, improve compliance and performance, and deliver on ESG commitments.

Ergo Facilitator

Standardize ergonomic assessments for your office and industrial settings and track corrective action plans with this award-winning risk management software solution.

Industrial Hygiene

Benchmark ESG’s Industrial Hygiene safety management software enables digital IH risk assessments, management, and comparisons with Occupational/Permissible Exposure Limits (OEL/PEL) for a safer and healthier workplace.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

Digitize your LOTO procedures and gain real-time visibility into in-progress LOTO activities to help keep team members informed and safe while on the worksite.

Permit to Work

Establish a standardized request approval process for permit-required work to ensure your safety management system consistently meets client and contractor requirements.

PPE Manager

Our PPE Manager risk management software facilitates pandemic and operations-critical PPE tracking and inventory management with an ongoing, digitized list of available PPE.

Safety Matrix

Prioritize development of safety assessments for job activities with Benchmark ESG’s matrix ranking system that includes risk, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics assessments.

Safety Observations

Our Safety Observations software solution enables site teams to proactively identify, document, and address unsafe actions and ensure compliance via customized risk categories and site observation forms.

Safety Risk Assessment

Develop and maintain a searchable repository of job-based risk assessments with Benchmark ESG safety incident management software.

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Improve your processes and insights to improve workplace health and safety

Enhance safety and compliance with software that supports enterprise-wide policy
Mitigate safety concerns and incidents across all work sites with visibility into incident trends
Empower employees to implement onsite corrective actions with mobile software capabilities
Meet the standards required by OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)
Reduce costs associated with incidents, injuries and Workers’ Compensation claims by building and maintaining a culture of safety

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