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Benchmark Gensuite Named a CDP Accredited Solutions Provider in 2023’s CDP Disclosure API Pilot Project

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Cincinnati, OH, March 21, 2023 – Benchmark Gensuite, a leading cloud-based Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software solutions provider, is pleased to announce its participation as one of the CDP Accredited Solutions Providers in CDP’s 2023 Disclosure API pilot project.

This year, CDP will be piloting a new API (Application Programming Interface) that will offer a selection of its software partners improved integration with CDP’s disclosure platform. The API will be available to participating Accredited Solutions Providers and their customers to use for the 2023 disclosure cycle, focusing on the corporate climate change questionnaire in this inaugural year. The API meets industry standards and will further support CDP to achieve its aim of enabling companies, cities, states and regions to improve their environmental transparency and action.

Benchmark Gensuite is currently working with CDP to test the API prior to implementation and plan to make it available to customers in June 2023.

Using this CDP Disclosure API, Benchmark subscribers will be able to execute their disclosures in an efficient and rigorous manner, further enhancing the benefits of using the Benchmark platform for sustainability and ESG data management.

“As a Gold Accredited Solutions Provider, we are pleased to take this further step in collaboration with CDP,” commented Benchmark Gensuite CEO R Mukund. “The new API will improve clients’ capability to execute efficient data collection and disclosure and ensure that data quality and reliability meets the expectations of shareholders. We congratulate CDP on the API initiative and look forward to continued collaboration to provide solutions to the urgent climate challenges we are facing.”

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