Dangerous Goods Shipper Hazmat Shipping Software

Track and Streamline Your Company’s Dangerous Goods Shipping Process​

Dangerous Goods Shipper

Centralise Hazmat Shipping Information to Ensure Proper Management and Shipment of Hazardous Materials​

Shipping dangerous goods and hazardous materials comes with complex packaging, labeling, and shipping requirements that bring about significant fines if regulations are not met. Benchmark Gensuite’s hazmat shipping software, Dangerous Goods Shipper, helps organisations manage the process of shipping hazardous materials to guide you through complex requirements and mitigate risks.​

Develop guidance for commonly shipped hazardous materials—including exemptions, special permits, and shipping labels—and create a centralised repository of supporting documentation for hazmat analysis to simplify the documentation and management of hazmat shipments. With a structured review and approval process for guidance documents and a list of authorised team members to tap into for shipping mode and certifications, you can easily navigate the complexities to mitigate gaps and risks.​

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Why Dangerous Goods Shipper for Your Chemical and Hazmat Management Program? ​

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Standardise Hazmat Shipping Procedures:

Establish a standardized request and approval process for dangerous goods shipping guidance.​

Manage Shipments:

Track shipments of dangerous goods and associated guidance documents to shipments.​

Streamline and Consolidate Tracking:

Customise entity setup to cluster locations that ship similar materials.​

Easily Access Documentation:

Print shipping guidance documents.​

Integrate Seamlessly:

Connect shipping guidance with additional details from Benchmark Gensuite SDS and Waste Tracker applications.​

Learn how you can effectively document, manage, and track shipments of hazardous chemicals and materials.​

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Features & Benefits​

Address Hazmat Shipping Protocols and Regulatory Compliance Needs​

Centralise Hazmat Shipping Information​

Digitise shipping documentation and your annual update process to document and manage hazardous materials.​

Identify Experts for Guidance​

Manage a list of authorized team members to review and approve guidance documents, shipping mode, and certifications.​

Build a Repository of Hazmat Shipments​

Create a repository of past shipments for documentation and reference and easily access frequently viewed guidance.​

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Chemical & Hazmat Management solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximise your impact.

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Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.


Identify emerging chemical risks & toxicological impacts of the chemicals used across your operations— powered by Praedicat. ​

IoT & Wearables​

Integrate wearables and IoT tech & devices with the Benchmark Gensuite platform for environmental & safety monitoring.​

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Centralise Chemical Product Inventory: Maintain up-to-date, digital SDSs.​

Reduce Health & Safety Risks: Centralise and automate hazard communications.​

Expedite Chemical Product Approvals:Streamline chemical review & approval workflows.​

Increase Chemical Compliance: Screen country-level regulations to ensure compliance.​

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