Doc Manager Software

Store, Share, Edit, and Manage Documentation for your Entire Enterprise


Centralise Document Filing for Easy Collaboration and Reduced Operational Risk

Document management can be a time-consuming process that’s prone to errors—unless you have a digitised system that enables standardised storage and cross-functional information sharing and revision control.

Document Manager Software from Benchmark Gensuite offers an intuitive management system for document hosting, collaboration, resource sharing, file review and revision, and workflow publication. Through seamless integration with your organisational hierarchy, Doc Manager allows you to grant your teams access to the most relevant files based on their job roles and responsibilities.

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Why Doc Manager for Your ISO Management Systems Program?

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Consolidate Documentation:

Locate team files and folders with ease with intuitive search options and seamless navigation.

Protect Confidentiality:

Establish administrative controls that set user permissions based on specific team member needs and responsibilities.

Collaboration Made Easy:

Create file review and approval workflows for document quality control and collaboration.

Intuitive Interface:

Easily preview files, showcase select files, and more!

Simplified Access:

Access documents on-the-go from the Benchmark Gensuite Mobile app.

Learn how you can improve accuracy and efficiency with a document management software.

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Features & Benefits​

Equip Your Teams with Instant Access and Visibility for the Files They Need Most

Digitise Your Document Filing

Digitally manage all kinds of documents, including pdf, doc, xls, ppt, videos, photos, and more—and share with your teams.

Notify Teams of Document Updates

Receive automatic system notifications and emails when files are ready for review and approval.

Simplify Document Access

Leverage a centralised repository for document identification, distribution, access, retrieval, storage, version control, and retention.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our ISO Management System solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximise your impact. 

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Benchmark Gensuite Mobile​

Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.​

Genny® ​

Tap, type, or speak to our dedicated virtual assistant for simplified support, user access, and an enhanced user experience.​

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Dashboards & Analytics​

Unlock the power of your data through robust visualisations & reports— powered by Tableau®.​

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Maintain ISO Standards: Align business priorities alongside a digital framework.

Gain Real-Time Reporting Visibility: Stay up-to-date on operation, compliance, and safety performance metrics.

Drive Continuous Improvement: Define core program expectations, identify gaps, and more.

Centralise Documentation Across Teams: Easily search and share documentation to minimise business risks.