Your Computer Vision Safety Sentinel that Continuously Detects Potential Hazards & Near Misses​

Computer Vision

Ensure Worksite Safety Best Practices with Real-Time Operational Risk and Hazard Identification & Alerts ​

As industries and business landscapes evolve, maintaining a strong culture of safety throughout your operations remains a top priority. Benchmark Gensuite’s computer vision software, 360Vision, is an advanced AI tool that transforms devices like cameras and CCTV into a watchful sentinel to help safeguard the well-being of your workforce and worksites. Integrated directly into your Benchmark Gensuite platform, 360Vision can detect potential hazards, log reports and concerns, and trigger alerts via emails and notifications to key stakeholders as well as to alarms that may be present onsite and connected to the platform.​

With 360Vision and leading-edge AI models and solutions provided by our trusted partners, the powerful Benchmark Gensuite digital platform ensures seamless integration into workflow operations like Concern Reporting to give you unprecedented visibility and insight into your safety program.

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Why 360Vision for Your Advanced AI and Safety Performance Improvement Program? ​

Continuous Monitoring:

Ensure the safety of your workforce and worksites with reliable, consistent, and uninterrupted vigilance for potential hazards and risks.

PPE Compliance:

Keep workers safe by enforcing proper use of helmets, glasses, and vests.​

Moving Object Monitoring:

Prevent accidents with vehicle & pedestrian control.​

Lifting Operations Control:

Safeguard lifting zones with area & worker capacity monitoring.​

Rapid Man Down Response:

Accelerate emergency assistance for injured personnel.​

See how you can improve safety performance and promote safety best practices on-site with computer vision AI software.​

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Features & Benefits

Prevent Injuries & Ensure Compliance Across the Enterprise ​

Full System Integration​

Unite onsite devices, cutting-edge AI sentinel technology, and robust reporting capabilities through a comprehensive digital platform with ease.​

Enterprise-Wide Impact​

Drive efficiency & production with optimized data use, automated workflows, and reduced operational costs.​

Rapid Resolution​

Increase returns with actionable real-time insights, boosted production uptime, and expanded quality control.​

Uncover Deeper Operational Insights Across Multiple Applications​

360Vision seamlessly integrates with other operational safety apps throughout the Benchmark Gensuite digital platform to log, gather, process, and analyze critical safety concerns and enable swift, decisive response.​
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Incident Management

Report, follow-up, and investigate EHS related incidents to standardize reporting and identify trends.

Dashboards & Analytics

Unlock the power of your data through robust visualizations & reports— powered by Tableau®.

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Concern Reporting

Manage employee safety-related concerns and near misses to respond quickly to issues and identify improvements.

Expert Technology Partners Bringing 360Vision to Life

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